Classic Collection





Our goal is to make Classic Collection one of the largest players in interior design when it comes to handmade products and modern design. To succeed, we have taken a holistic approach to the companys marketing plan where we have a continuous presence within all of the largest channels.




February 2020 vs February 2021.


Mars 2020 vs Mars 2021.

We have chosen to focus on the most competitive keywords on the market such as ”carpets”, ”rugs”, ”pillows” and more. As Classic Collection already has a strong link profile, we have focused on creating conditions on the website and targeting links to specific keywords. In a short time, we have managed to increase the traffic significantly.

Paid Social Media:


February 2021 ROAS


Mars 2021 ROAS

Since Next Solution started to work together with Classic Collection, we have changed from focusing on KPIs like reach and frequency to sales where we quickly saw enormous potential and growth.



February 2021 ROAS


Mars 2021 ROAS

Previously, 90% of the budget was spent on branding. This meant that we didn’t reach Classic Collections full potential. We immediately modified the budget so that only a small part of the budget was handled to the branding part of the customers digital journey.

What happens now?

When it comes to SEO, we will reach Googles orcanic top 10 list on keyword such as ”carpets”, ”rugs” and ”pillows” as well as Classic Collections longtails. For paid social, the goal is to advance internationally which we already have done a couple of smaller tests for with successful results.

Classic Collection has shown that they from now on are a established company for home decor products. Classic Collection has already done a fantastic work with everything from creating a solid foundation for the website, an incredible content bank and more. Now, we aim to grow even more and this time on a international level as Classic Collection will launch a new website to create a better basis for the inspiring international market.